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Hero Within HEALTH Habits

We all wish to be happy and healthy so that we have the physical strengths and capabilities to help others as well as a long enough active life to see those that we love and believe develop into people we are proud of. Together let's take this adventure of developing and maintaining our health

Complete any of the following:

  • Attend a Hero Within class in-person or via ZOOM
  • Make a heathy food choice (ie. I chose apples, instead of french fries today)
  • Complete a Hero Within Training Workout from our library
  • Make a Hero Within healthy meal from our online menu.

Hero Within MINDfullness Habits

Striving for growth of ourselves leads to our servitude, the more we know, the more we are able to help others which further leads to our self value and positive self outlook. Here is how we strive to grow mentally.

Complete any of the following:

  • Read or listen to a Hero Within recommended educational audiobook/podcast for 15 minutes per day
  • Complete a Hero Within MINDFULLNESS habit: take a moment to be thankful & grateful; pray; take a moment of silence; meditate; complete a breathing exercise from our library)

Hero Within LIFE Habits

Being a HERO in our LIFE is about the person we strive to be in our daily lives. Our biggest value is the value, we leave in the hearts of others. Use Hero Within LIFE habits to not only personally development us but allow others around us to take notice and be inspired in our path of being a positive role model for our community.

Complete any of the following HERO WITHIN LIFE skills:

  • Use the HERO WITHIN words of courtesy, with parents, teachers, friends and everyone you meet:
    Yes, No, Please, Thankyou, You're Welcome
  • Use the Hero Within SELF DISCIPLINE habits of completing a chore without being asked
  • Help your significant other, family member or friend complete a task on their list
  • Perform a randon act of kindness
  • Listen to a parent the first time asked.
  • Listen to a loved one and validate their feelings, as you repeat back to them what you understood.
  • Complete a Hero Within LIFE habit from our library