CAMP – Memorial Day Sale 2022

$100.00 $50.00

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This SUMMER get a moment for yourself, while giving the kids a great outlet to get back to being a kid.

Small Group Camps with a super fun Themes and COACHES that motivate and inspires kids to not only have FUN, but your child will leave each day looking forward to being awesome HERO kids at home for their parents!  This helps a lot (especially when you have been working all day).

Happy Kid, Happy LIFE!

*ASK a coach about our HERO WITHIN Daily Habit Tracker and how your kids will earn points for their HERO avatar!

What $50 gets you!

Reserve a spot in camp for only $50 and you get all this!

  1. Just Pick the camp weeks – you THINK you may use.

  2. Change your camp weeks – ANYTIME without penalty

  3. You will be assigned your very own HERO WITHIN coach to help you.  They know all the cool things about camps events, school year and as they get to know your child they can keep you updated on all the upcoming events / programs that your child might enjoy.  Our goal is to make life easier for you.

  4. Memorial Day SPECIAL! Locks in your rate NOW! CLAIM $100 OFF each week of these CAMP Options: 

    1. 1/2 Day (9a-12p) – $299 —————————————— SALE $199

    2. 2 days per week – Adventure (8:45a – 4:45p) – $299 —– SALE $199

    3. 3 days per week – Adventure (8:45a – 4:45p) – $399 —– SALE $299

    4. Adventure (8:45a – 4:45p) – $399 —————————- SALE $299

    5. Full Day (7:45a – 6:15p) One Week – $499 —————— SALE $399

  5. You won’t get charged the weekly camp fee – UNTIL the Friday before CAMP week starts (and you don’t even have to know which option you need or want until then)

  6. Oh and we will give you VIP Coupon for $100 OFF a HERO BIRTHDAY Party!

ONCE you register you will be automatically linked to the weeks to see the options and claim the ones you think you may use!


$50 will give you the SECURITY you need this SUMMER knowing that the kids are taken care of!


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Camp Activities: FUN, themed games & activities, STEAM projects, fitness challenges, board games, online daily habit tracker, immersive video game experience, Karate, YoGo Kids, and so much more. Look at the themed weeks!