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ELITE members
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  • This group is for members of ELITE
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Black Belt Training Course (for Members that Qualify)
  • Private Group
  • Here is video tutorials, tips and activities for current Black Belt Training Members  
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2022 - New Year New You Boot Camp
  • Public Group
  • Fitness FUN Friends and more! This year shed the stress and become your best! Jam with the music, get coached up and have fun! Join the group to get updates!
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Landon Martin's FORCE ACADEMY Birthday Party
  • Public Group
  • This 2 HOUR PARTY will have up to 20 kids learning the ways of the FORCE Room 1: YODA's Training Session on Dagobah where you must Jump, Duck, Roar like a Wookie and face the mighty Wampa. Room 2 & 3: Use the FORCE as you become the controller and are placed into the game where you must FORCE RUSH, Jump, Battle with a lightsaber and have your team make their way through Star Wars. Room 4: Craft your very own take home FOAM lightsaber. Will you be a Jedi, a Sith or a Master? Take Pictures with our very own JEDI Master! Once you get your invitation make sure to RSVP right away and join the HERO community: There you will earn points for use at local merchants and upcoming activitues. Meet with your Party Coordinator to have the BEST experience for your child GREEN SCREEN THEMED Photo Session for all the participants! GIANT BlowUP, Balloons & Birthday BANNER Plates, napkins, etc. TWO additional training SESSIONS for each guest Party Coordinator & Assistance Set up & Clean-up SAMURAI SWORD - Cake CUTTING:-) (you supply the cake)
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Master Dietrich's Black Belt Alumni
  • Private Group
  • Have you earned your Black Belt from Dietrich's? Then you have earned the right to join this group. As a Dietrich's Black Black, you have taken a journey few others complete. While facing challenges you have endured and proven yourself to have an indomitable spirit. Join the group, connect, promote one another and unite to make our world a better place. Dietrich's Karate ... _____ _______ _______ _______ !
Members Community
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Q & A Group
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