Training with Master Dietrich – Initial Interview, Assessment, Goal Setting, Waiver Completion and (1) Personal Training Session



Training with Master Dietrich – Initial Interview, Assessment and Personal Training Session

Let me be your guide to finding your TRUE POTENTIAL.  I have spent a lifetime finding unique methods to help each student unlock their ability to overcome challenges.

Each and everyone of us has a challenge we face. These challenges sometimes let us limit ourselves and our expectations of self.

Challenges then become part of our daily self esteem, lifestyle and limits.  Let us work together to find your hidden strengths, as we overcome the challenges after awaken the HERO WITHIN YOU so that we may live life to its fullest.

I look forward to meeting you

  • Master Dietrich

Includes: Initial Interview, Assessment, Goal Setting, Waiver Completion and (1) Personal Training Session

Time: 45min – 1 hour


Master Michael Dietrich CREDENTIALS 

Martial Arts Title: Master Dietrich

Washington DC USA

Started Studying Martial Arts in 1980

Known as one of the top 10 martial arts kickers of all time, Master Dietrich has an extensive knowledge in martial arts styles and systems from around the world, has been teaching martial arts for over 35 years, currently the founder and 10th Degree Black Belt of the DIETRICH American Martial Arts System and the WFM – World Federation of Elite Martial Arts; a 7th Dan Black Belt in Tae Kwon Do – Chung Do Kwan; with Black Belts and experience in Shotokan, Muay Thai, Kickboxing, Boxing, Aiki-Jitsu, Compliance Directional Skills Training, Wing Tsun and others.

Instructors: Jhoon Rhee, 

Dong Ju Lee, Jeff Smith, Stephen Oliver, Charlie Lee, Michael Coles, Andre Yamakawa, Sensei Mori (JKA), Sensei Mazhari (Bare Knuckle Kumite, JKA), Behrooz Sarshar (Judo), Master K (Muay Thai), Jim Ed Jones (Boxing), Emin Boztepe (Wing Tsun), Brandon Lee (son of late Bruce Lee), Linda Lee Caldwell (scholarship for College)

Where it all began!

Years ago, a 7 year old Michael Dietrich, a first generation American boy from European heritage walked across the street in a new Alexandria, Virginia neighborhood to make some new friends, when he was attacked by the neighborhood gang. As initiation into the neighborhood they grabbed him threw him on the ground, kicked, punched and hit him over the head with bats. He almost died. For the next three years he lived a sheltered life and grew too be very shy and lacking in confidence. Until, at age 10, after viewing an inspiring Bruce Lee movie, this shy, unconfident, young boy took his first introductory karate lesson.

 Years Later:

Master Michael K. Dietrich

* 1988 PKL “Rookie of the Year”

* 1988 Professional Karate League “Hall Of Fame”

* 1989 WAKO National Fighting Champion

* 1989 Top Ten Nationals Champion

* 1990 National Forms Champion

  • 1990 Diamond Nationals Champion
  • Today the Michael Dietrich ranks up there with Steven Seagal, Jean Claude van Damme, and the rest of the new breed of martial artists. Experienced in Tae Kwon Do Chung Do Kwan (Korean Karate), in Shotokan Karate-do (Japanese Karate), Muay Thai Kick Boxing and open hand Kumite.

Renowned for his accomplishments at such a young age he has been written up in :

* US magazine

* Newsweek magazine

* Washington Post Newspaper

Has been aired on :

*NBC “George Michael’s Sport Report”

*PM magazine

* ABC News

and have had roles in various motion pictures and commercials.

Former  Training Partners, Team Mates, and Associates

Brandon Lee (son of Bruce Lee)

Chuck Norris

Garrett Warren (Hollywood Movie Director, Stuntman,Wako Teammate)

Bill “Superfoot” Wallace

Emin Boztepe (Wing Tsun Association)

Kevin Thompson


Jerry “Fast Feet” Fontanez

Ernie Reyes

Arnold Chon

Edwin Villa 

Former Students

    * Albert Alvarez – “Blind Man Earns Black Belt” George Michael Sport Report

    * Elaine Fields – “Grandma tests for Black Belt with Daughter and Grandson” 

    * Johnny Hodges 

           (A student with Muscular Dystrophy that I taught whose courage and dedication

            left a memory in my heart of how our actions effect others.  

           Johnny was buried with his martial arts Uniform, Belt and Bo Staff.  

           Thank you for the inspiration Johnny)

    * Washington Redskins      

           – Monte Coleman

           – Mike Nelms

     * Denver Broncos      

           – Marshall Barnes

    * CEOs/Fortune 500 Companies

          – Sid Smith (OSP Consultants)

          – Roger Mody (Signal Corp)

          – Stanley Corp (Leadership/Teamwork Workshop)

          – Jim Brabston, Black Belt (Stanley Corp)


    * Organizations

          – NVRC (Northern Virginia Resource for Deaf and Hard of Hearing

          – CHAAD  (Children and Adults with Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder)

          – A New Beginning (students in AA/NA -Alcoholics / Narcotics Anonymous)

          – Currently training students with Autism Spectrum Disorders

Timeline & Achievements 

  • 1977 Was beat up by a gang and taken to hospital for head and body trauma

(Dad was a US ARMY Special Forces Silver Star nominee and was mistreated coming back from Vietnam, he wanted his child to turn the other cheek and walk away. Ironically enough this event happened. The next 3 years grew up lonely, shy and introverted)

  • 1980 saw the Bruce Lee movie with Chuck Norris “Return of the Dragon” saw a Jhoon Rhee commercial right after and 2 days later took my first introductory class.
  • 1980 started Martial Arts under Jhoon Rhee, Jeff Smith, Stephen Oliver, Charlie Lee (10 years old)
  • 1980 began sparring training with friend, Shahrouz Mojallali (Shawn M) CEO Speeedy Courier (I was a Gold Belt, not very good at sparring and inspired me to do better)
  • 1981 Select Soccer Team – undefeated 2 years, 1981-82
  • 1981 NJTL National Junior Tennis League – regional Tennis champion 
  • 1981 Began JUDO under Behrooz Sharshar
  • 1981 began Chung Do Kwan training under Dong Ju Lee
  • 1981 began Black Belt Training under Michael Coles, Yoon Lee, Dong Kim
  • 1981 World Martial Arts Tour on Jhoon Rhee Martial Arts Demonstration Team
  • 1981   “Young-Fu: The Junior League,” Newsweek, January 17, 1981 (Print Interview)
  • 1981 Korean National Tour including:
  • Demonstration for the U.S.  Army 2nd Infantry Division stationed in Korea at DMZ (De-Militarized Zone – North/South Korean Border) 
  • Demonstration for the U.S.  Army 8th Infantry Division stationed in Korea at DMZ (De-Militarized Zone – North/South Korean Border
  • Commercial on the U.S.A.F.N.K. – T.V. (United States Armed Forces Network – Korean Television 
  • K.B.S. (Korean Broadcasting System) “Late Night” Interview show 
  • K.B.S. “Children’s Television” Interview show 
  • “United  States  Armed  Forces  Post”.  Newspaper  article covering Korean Tour 

– K.B.S. “Korean Radio”. Radio Interview program Martial Arts performances for KBS (Korean Broadcasting System – Korea)

– 1982 training with Brandon Lee (son of the late Bruce Lee)

  • 1982 Washington Post, Virginia Weekly (Print Interview)
  • 1982 Earned 1st Dan Black Belt in Jhoon Rhee Tae Kwon Do
  • 1982 signed with Linda Townsend Management “ the Young Professionals”
  • 1982  began Bare Knuckle Kumite and Shotokan (JKA Alexandria) under Sensei Mazhari
  • 1983  began Shotokan (JKA NYC) under Mori Sensei
  •   1983  #1 Statewide, Age 13-14, National Junior Tennis League 1983-84
  • 1984 “Black Belt Baby,” Us Magazine, July 1984 (Print Interview) (2 page center spread in same magazine with Ralph Macchio and Harrison Ford) 
  • 1984  “Evening Magazine” PM Magazine (TV Interview)
  • 1984   The World Martial Arts Congress for Education – World Martial Arts Demonstration Team (Speaker/Presenter)
  • 1984 Congressional Banquets for the Ronald Reagan/George Bush (Speaker/Presenter)
  • 1985 US Capitol, NEA / National PTA Teacher Appreciation Day & Week (Speaker/Presenter)
  • 1985 began Boxing under Jim Ed Jones
  • 1985 began Kickboxing under Jeff Smith
  • 1985 Earned 2nd Dan Black Belt in Jhoon Rhee Tae Kwon Do
  • 1985 earned Shodan Black Belt in Shotokan (under Sensei Mohammed)
  • 1986  Fair Oaks Runway Model (MODELING)
  • 1986  Food & Drug Administration commercial entitled “Reye Syndrome”

    (TV commercial actor)

– 1986 Institute of Agriculture,  New Jersey commercial  entitled “Jersey Fresh” (TV commercial actor)

 – 1986 Union Station Grand Re-opening, Washington, DC – Paperboy (LIVE actor)

  • 1986 Disney  Symphonic  Spectacular.    Walt  Disney  Productions,

             Washington, DC Capital Centre Stage live performance – Dancer 

             (STAGE actor/performer/dance)

  • 1986  “Liberty”.  Central Casting, NBC Broadcasting – Immigrant (FILM actor)
  • 1987 SCHOLARSHIP WINNER presented by Linda Lee Caldwell, Richard Morris

           Bruce Lee Memorial Scholarship Tournament,”      

           World Martial Congress for Education, October 1987

  • 1987 National Education Association “Kids in Trouble – Schools Can Help,” Nov. 1987 – cover model (MODELING)
  • 1987   Dance Connection, Baltimore TV Channel (runway model, professional dancer) (TV actor, model, dancer)
  • 1987   “Broadcast News”.  Central Casting, 20th Century Fox Film  School Bully (FILM actor)
  • 1987  “Tin Men”.   Taylor Royall  Casting,  Walt Disney Movie 

     Aluminum Siding Salesman (FILM actor)

  • 1988 earned 3rd Degree Black Belt Tae Kwon Do – Chung Do Kwan
  • 1988  “Silent Heroes,” International Fighter, August 1988

– 1988 “Golden Desert Classics,” Karate Kung-Fu Illustrated, August

  • 1988 PKL Professional Karate League “ Rookie of the Year”
  • 1988 PKL Professional Karate League “Hall of Fame”
  • 1988 (FILM) “Favorite  Son”.    Central  Casting,  NBC  Broadcasting

     Georgetown Shopper

  • 1989 Nationally Rated #2 Forms, behind Charlie Lee
  • 1989 Opened DIETRICH’s Karate (Sterling VA)
  • 1989 WAKO National Fighting Champion Men’s Super Lightweight Fighting Point and Continuous Contact
  • 1989 Top Ten Nationals Martial Arts Champion, “Smooth Criminal” Form/KATA
  • 1989 “Dietrich Finds Professional Karate League Fame,” Loudoun Times Mirror, Thursday, June 8, 1989
  • 1989 “Alexandria’s  Dietrich  Learns  Karate  Lesson”  Alexandria, Arlington, Fairfax Journals, July 1989

– 1989 “Dietrich Named Top Rookie,” Loudoun Times Mirror, Thursday, July 6, 1989

  • 1989 Fairfax County Public Schools Speaker – “Just Say NO” Clubs TOUR
  • 1989 began Muay Thai (Thai Boxing) under Master K
  • 1990 NASKA National Forms Champion
  • 1990 WAKO – TEAM USA (fighting: point & continuous) World Championships Venice, Italy
  • 1990 WAGE RADIO – Champion Martial Artist series
  • 1990 Diamond Nationals World Martial Arts Champion
  • 1990 “World Class Karate,” Eastern Loudoun Times, Friday February 2, 1990
  • 1990 NBC News – George Michael Sports Report (representing TEAM USA, World Championship, Venice Italy)
  • 1990 Italian National Martial Arts Tour, “Pasqua del Budo” with live performances in the following cities: Rome, Perugia, Mestre, Bologna, Livorno, Bari, Venice, Portalona, Milan, Brecia
  • 1991 DIETRICH Karate 22 locations through Fairfax County Parks and Recreation teaching “Leadership Development Programs”
  • 1991 Dietrich Karate  2nd Studio opening (Fairfax City)
  • 1998 DIETRICH K-BO (fitness Kickboxing program established)
  • 1999 WKA – TEAM USA (weapons, forms, fighting)
  • 1999 NBC NEWS “George Michael Sports Report” making a difference
  • 2014 acting president / vice president of USAWMO (USA affiliate of WMO -World Martial Arts Organisation)
  • 2010 establishes DIETRICH Four Directions brand of martial arts systems designed for Therapeutic approaches to martial arts with focus on auditory, visual and sensory integration training
  • 2011 DIETRICH Corporate TEAM building programs released
  • 2012 DIETRICH programs established utilizing martial arts concepts and therapeutic approaches picked up by AOL and other companies for vendor agreements:
  • YOGIs (infants advanced learning concepts)
  • Get’em to the GOAL:Sports
  • NINJAS, 
  • Black Belt LEADERSHIP Training
  • 2015 ABC 7 WJLA NEWS series featuring Master Dietrich, “Master Dietrich teaches…” 
    • episode: May 26, 2015 Master Dietrich teaches Autria some self-defense moves for the summer
    • episode: June 26, 2015 Master Dietrich of Dietrich’s Dojo demonstrates self-defense, safety moves for parents
    • episode: July 30th 2015 – Think like a Black Belt with Master Dietrich & Larry Smith
    • episode: Aug 31st 2015 – Master your surroundings with situational awareness and ABC on your side.
    • episode: October 12 Master Dietrich – Halloween Safety
  • 2015 Founder & World Director of WFM (World Federation Of Elite Martial Arts) with affiliates in 40 countries around the world.
  • 2016 inducted into Who’s Who in the Martial Arts by Jesse Bowen
  • 2016 AMAA BlogTalk Radio Interview (2 episodes)
  • 2016 to present: DIETRICH – Empowerment Consulting Programs 
  • 2016 uniting AMAA, WFM, EventsReg, DIETRICH, TrueWARRIOR & OnMat systems to bring martial arts into the 21st century

Martial Arts Philosophy: 

“Keep the Faith”

This was told to me by Brandon Lee, son of the late Bruce Lee, that was when I was 11 years old.  Since then it occurred to me that martial arts was more then just a physical activity.  It is a belief structure that unites us all, an ideology.  It is a Lifestyle!