DISCOVER (for add/adhd, aspergers, autism, spectrum and specific needs)

From: $499.00 every 4 weeks and a $99.00 sign-up fee




Hidden within each one of us is the potential for more!

Come see how our programs are not only FUN, but help you become the HERO in your child’s life that assists in unlocking their TRUE potential!

DISCOVER is our REVEAL program designed for families for children with specific needs to help discover the tools that will lead to your child’s development. DISCOVER combines martial arts, yoga, fitness, character development, leadership, mentorship, development games and exercises that are FUN, FUN, FUN!  This keeps your child motivated and excited to attend each class.

You are not alone!!  DISCOVER sessions help parents connect, while the kids learn socialization skills, we all form a community motivating one another.

DISCOVER is a rotating and seasonal curriculum, allowing each family to grow together with advancement based on a one day a week attendance.  We give you two days to choose from or attend both to have your child increase their ability.

DISCOVER helps instill leadership, motivation  and goal setting markers with achievement belt ranks, avatars, daily HERO habit tracker with gamified points where they can earn prizes for accomplishments at the Hero Within and at home, helping instill these HERO behaviors wherever they go.

Spaces are LIMITED!

We only allow for 4 spaces per class.

Each space allows for one parent and one child to attend together. Once you claim your space, you may keep that day and time for as long as you wish. Watch your child excel and grow, while you both have fun!

Space = one parent and one child

Attendance = options for once a week or twice a week.

The curriculum is based on a 1 day a week attendance once a week but more sessions help them grow faster.

Cancellation = no worries!  You can cancel your membership at anytime.

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Additional information

Payment Options

every 4 weeks cancel anytime, Paid in Full (pay 9 months get 3 FREE), Paid in Full (pay 17 months get 7 FREE)

Session Options

1 day per week, 2 days per week